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Snagger Tool by Motis

Snagger Tool by Motis

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Snagger Truck Mount

Snagger Truck Mount

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What people are saying about their Snagger:

  • "If you can only carry one pocket tool, this is it."

     Doug Fritz
    Hotchkiss Fire District

  • "Absolutely love this tool - by far the best, most versatile fire tool out there."

    Collin Girardi 
    Palisade Fire Department

  • "Great tool to have, everyone should have two of these in their bunker gear. The best multi-tool money can buy."

    Travis Gayer
    Treynor Fire and Rescue

  • "Very useful, lightweight, strong tool!"

    Frank Cicero
    Chicago Fire Department

  • "Easy-to-use multi-use tool, the guys love it."

    Michael Cameron
    Fire Chief Salluit Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • "I used it at a fire on a mutual aid call and I got many people asking about it. They were amazed how easily I was moving the line."

    Marc Popkin, Department 3


What size hose is the Snagger designed for?

The Snagger is designed to work with NFPA 1961 Compliant Hose.  The small opening on the Snagger is designed for 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" hose (38 & 45mm), and the larger opening is designed for 2 1/2" hose (65mm). 

How much does the Snagger weigh?

The Snagger is extremely lightweight, yet strong.  It weighs 0.64 lbs, and fits perfectly in bunker gear pockets.

As a spanner does the Snagger work on all couplings?

Yes!  The Snagger is an excellent spanner and works on all caps and couplings on the fire ground / truck.  It also works on Storz connectors.

Why is the Snagger better at breaking tempered glass than a traditional punch?

Because you hold the opposite end of the carbide tip your hands stay away from glass when it breaks.  Once the glass drops, you can use the Snagger as a hook to break away any glass that remains attached to the vehicle.  


Handling charged line 38, 45 or 65mm (1 1/2, 1 3/4 or 2 1/2)
Supporting charged hose line on ladders
Hooking hand line in windows, up stair wells etc.
Breaking tempered glass safely
Removing drywall or ceiling board in tight quarters
Quickly removing a windshield
Spanner for any coupling, from forestry line to high volume with Storz fittings
RIT tool for faster rescue - Nance Drill
Rapid egress tool
Door Wedge or Gear Hook