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Firefighter Tools Supplier

Motis is a firefighting tool supplier and manufacturer that provides innovative tools to the brave individuals who serve as firefighters around the country. Our team is also made up of several firefighters, and considering the indispensable role firefighters play in the safety of countless lives, it’s only fitting that they’re equipped with the best tools around. These tools make their job easier and aid in their collective ability to help those that need it most.

As a firefighting tool supplier and manufacturer, we’re always looking for feedback from firefighters—whether you’re full-time or a volunteer. Your firsthand knowledge of what you struggle with, and what would make you more efficient, is invaluable. It drives our innovative designs, such as our Snagger hose-handling multi-tool. Browse our fire rescue products today!

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We love hearing from fellow firefighters and would love to know what you find most useful about our products, as well as what you don't like. 

We are always striving to produce the best firefighting and rescue tools and equipment available today.  

Like everything we do, we are in this together.  So your feedback (both good and bad) help us all.

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