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Jayson Uribe: From fighting 2 of California’s biggest fires to racing motorcycles across the globe

Jayson Uribe: From fighting 2 of California’s biggest fires to racing motorcycles across the globe

From the highest level of professional racing in the world, to a small town volunteer department who took on two of California's biggest fires, Jayson Urib has quite the story to tell. 

A passion for motorsports runs deep in his veins.  At the age of four, he started riding his first bike, a Honda 50 dirt bike. By seven he was racing Supermoto. A few years later, he was racing Grand Prix on a Honda RS125R.  At age 13, Jayson moved to the UK with his mom so he could start his international racing career in the British Superbike Championship.  His dad stayed in California to keep the family business going.

After a few years of racing, he was the first American to be invited to race in the French Superbike Championships in the Stock 600 class.  Jayson was still a teenager.  While in Europe, he achieved his first international win and a track record at the Circuit de Ledenon.

After spending his teenage years in Europe, Jayson came back to America. In 2021, he raced the entire Superbike Championship with MotoAmerica. 

When he is not racing or on his bike, Jayson is currently finishing up his electrician's apprenticeship with the family's fourth-generation electrical business, Rock and Sons Electric.  He is also an EMT and Volunteer Firefirefighter with the Deer Park Fire Station #21 in Napa County, CA, where he was named Firefighter of the Year in 2020.  

About his firefighting career, Jayson says: “I graduated from my academy in 2019. I got some good experience in my first calendar year of service with a variety of calls on a consistent basis, but 2020 was on a different level. With both the LNU Lightning Complex Fire and the Glass Fire hitting the Napa Valley within 2 months of each other, it's easy to say that I faced "trial by fire".

“The LNU fire was somewhat drawn out. With so many acres being burned, we were sent out to various locations and assigned many different roles. However, the Glass Fire was in my backyard. With intense fire activity for practically my entire duration on the fire lines, I was able to really test the limits of my own physical and mental health. I feel those fires have shaped me to be not only a better firefighter, but a better person.”

To help train and inspire the next generation of racers, he also works at Sonoma Raceway and Allen Berg Racing School as a driving instructor.


To learn more about Jayson, visit his website:

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