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Firefighter Tools and Accessories

At Motis, we pride ourselves on engineering high-quality, lightweight firefighter tools and accessories that make every firefighter’s job easier. Our lauded Snagger Multi-Tool, which allows for simpler and safer manipulation of an active fire hose, is our most popular firefighting tool.

Among our various products are inventive firefighting tools and accessories that we’ve designed in-house, such as our mini spanners, forcible entry wedges, hydrant wrenches, and other entry tools.

We also have branded apparel that lets you show your support for our company and the work that we do. This, in turn, allows us to continue supporting the selfless warriors who make up our much-needed fire departments.

  • Universal Spanner Wrench (2 Pack)

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    Fire hose universal spanner wrench (sold as a 2 pack). The Motis Universal Spanner features a bright powder coat finish.  Stop loosing spanners on...

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