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From Dirt Bikes to the Fire Life

From Dirt Bikes to the Fire Life

Dustin Dever remembers the experience like it was yesterday. As a kid, he was watching a friend riding a dirt bike at a local race. He listened to the sounds of the many bikes racing the track, and felt the gritty dust in the air. At that moment, he had no idea that this first experience at a dirt bike race would have such a big impact on his life.  After begging his parents that entire summer for his own dirt bike, it wasn’t until the following year that his parents bought him his first bike.  And from that moment on all he wanted to do was ride!  As he grew older, worked at various dirt bike shops, and got involved in racing, he started to meet local riders who were also firefighters.  Inspired by their stories and influence, he took the steps to become a firefighter himself.  He has now been a full time firefighter for 5 years.  Being full time has allowed him to take his passion for dirt bikes to his garage where he runs MX Garage, a full-service, dirt bike-only focused shop that does everything from tire changes to custom builds.

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